There is no use in having the fastest and shiniest website in the world if you can’t be sure that it is going to be up all the time.

Sometimes technology breaks, the internet and every server on it are full of possible points of failure. We want to make sure that your sites stay up whatever is going on with all of them.

We employ all of this to keep your sites stable:

  • Backups: Three different levels of them, stored on different servers and tested.
  • Failover: We keep a an up to date copy of your site on a second server and redirect to it if a server is down.
  • DNS Redundancy: If a name server goes down… your site won’t.
  • Few neighbours: We don’t let what others are doing break your site.
  • Optimised stack: Keeping everything optimised and up to date as a standard.
  • Carefully chosen infrastructure partners.