Are we the fastest web host in the world? Nope, almost certainly not. But we are fast enough to make your sites fly and ready to work with you to keep them optimised and speedy throughout your site life.

You want your website to open in the blink of an eye, and so do we. We really care about website speed, for more than one reason. It’s better for your site visitors, better for search engine rankings and it’s better for the world. Fast loading and well optimised websites simply use less energy and we are really passionate about sustainability.

We make sure that we host your sites on servers with plenty of resources and few sites on each one to make sure you aren’t affected by any ‘bad neighbours’. We constantly monitor resource usage on all of our servers to make sure that nothing is slowing them down.

To make sure your sites run as fast as possible we use a highly optimised stack, Litespeed Enterprise, Maria DB, and the latest PHP versions – Everything you do need and nothing you don’t.

On top of that we offer fast Redis & LiteSpeed Caching (Object & Page), Brotli compression, modern connection protocols including QUIC, free SSL and fast green DNS.

Speaking of DNS, it’s another way that we are aiming to be as sustainable as possible, we’ve built our own network of DNS servers, hosted in some of the most sustainable data centres that we could find across Europe, North America, and Asia. Not only do we server your DNS fast but we do it green too.