We offer shared hosting and VPS plans starting from €10 per month, and you can find more about them on our pricing page, but we would also love to give you a free personal consultation to discuss exactly what your personal or business site needs and then create a custom plan just for you.

Some of the services and options that we can build into your hosting plan include…

Scalable Hosting (of any size)

We know that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to hosting. Every business and every individual are different and so are the needs of your website and email, we want to work together with you to make sure that we meet them.

Maybe you need simple shared hosting for your personal blog or maybe you need a VPS with many cores and masses of memory. We can analyse your expected traffic and create a server that works for you, and that is ready to scale up or down as your needs change.

Ethical Analytics

Maybe you need to track users through your sites but are passionate about privacy and not letting Google access all of your user data.

We can offer you Matomo analytics on our shared analytics servers for low traffic sites, or set up a new Matomo install on a private VPS for high traffic sites.

Mail, Storage (and more) Hosting

All of our plans come with email included for free on one of our dedicated mail servers, including mailboxes, unlimited aliases, IMAP, and Roundcube webmail. If you have a high volume of mail or need something super private then we can set up a new mail server just for you.

We take a lot of care to make sure your mail stays deliverable, using properly configured modern standards like DANE & MTA-STS, and with daily reputation management and blacklist monitoring.

If you need calendars, contacts, online storage and file sharing then we can do that too with a custom Nextcloud install.

Expert WordPress & Woo Support

As a standard we manage certain things in your WordPress and WooCommerce installations (unless you ask us not to), like backups, safe plugin updates, and general admin tasks.

If you need more support then we can do that too, we can create a plan for you with a certain number of WP support hours rolled in or we can charge you an hourly rate as you need them.

Whatever it is that you need we can create a sustainable, fast and affordable solution for you.

We bill you on a monthly basis so that if your situation or needs change then your hosting can also quickly scale to match it, as and when you need it.