We won’t lie to you, 100% security is a myth, no online security is absolute. If some of the biggest and most high tech companies in the world can’t always be bulletproof then neither can you. 

What we can do is everything possible to make it harder for anyone maliciously attacking your site to actually disrupt anything and to make it quick and easy to recover from it if disaster does strike.

Setting firewall rules and checking for vulnerabilities might be a bit dull but it’s also essential and we take security very seriously. Maybe you could say that we are a little bit paranoid about your site and mail security, but we worry about it so that you don’t have to.

Just in case something does go wrong we have constant monitoring and three separate levels of backups to make sure that we can work with you to fix any issue as quickly as possible.

How we do it:

  • Backups: Three different levels of them, stored on different server and tested.
  • 6G Web Application Firewall.
  • 2 Factor Authentication: We set it up as standard on your account with us and your sites to make sure your logins are really you!
  • Vulnerability checking: We check your sites daily against the latest known vulnerabilities.
  • Safe updates: We keep your WordPress and any plugins updated daily, with an automated system to check and roll-back to the previous version if something breaks.
  • Restricted access: We lock down root accounts to only be accessible via SSH, and file transfer to only be over SFTP.