Our Partners

We can’t do everything alone but we are really picky about who we choose to work with and the products and services that we use. We also think that it’s good to be transparent and accountable, so we provide you with a list of the companies that we work with to provide our hosting services.


We recommend Gandi as a domain registrar. They proudly boast of their ‘no bullshit’ policy and claim to be an “ethical domain name registrar in an industry that has some ‘grey’ practices”. From our experience of over a decade of working with Gandi we have to agree with their claims. They also carefully select green data centres to host their servers, and support a number of great projects like Sea Shepherd and the EFF.
Read more about Gandi’s sustainability


Many good things come from Iceland, like Brennivín, Björk and 1984 Hosting, who we use as a secondary DNS provider. They believe in a lot of the same things that we do. In their own words: “1984 Hosting Company was established with the hope to contribute responsibly and ethically to life on the internet. That’s why we’re in this business.”
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We care a lot about data security, especially when it comes to processing your payments. That is why we have chosen to use Stripe as our payment processor. Stripe payments are both PCI and SCA compliant and completely secure. This is the one area where we might have been willing to compromise just a little on our environmental policies because choosing the most secure card processor is that important, but we don’t have to because Stripe is a carbon-neutral company with a great attitude towards sustainability.
Read more about how Stripe is spending $1 million on capturing carbon


The problem with Google Analytics and most similar services is that you give up control and ownership of you and your site visitors data to a global company with significant interests in using that data for their own targeting. That is not great but there can be no doubt that analytics are a very useful tool. We offer our users analytics hosted on our servers using Matomo, whose philosophy around data ownership is simple: you own your data, no one else.
Read more about 100% data ownership with Matomo


There are a lot of cloud infrastructure providers out there and, believe us, we’ve tried most of them! There is nobody we trust more to manage our infrastructure than Finnish company UpCloud, they claim to offer the world’s fastest cloud servers and in our experience that seems to be true.


We’ve spent massive amounts of time testing different Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed server stacks and configurations. Finally we’ve settled on what we truly believe is the best solution available for WordPress hosting and all of our servers are running on LiteSpeed Enterprise.


We love open source software and use it pretty much everywhere, we also try to contribute back to the open source projects we use whenever we can. Cyberpanel is the open source native control panel for Litespeed servers and we use it to manage servers and hosting accounts.

Other Open Source projects

We are passionate about Open Source software and use it for almost everything we do.

You can find more about some of the Open Source projects we love and use here: S4- Open source we love | Github