Adding analytics tracking codes

We include our sustainably hosed analytics (powered by Matomo) in our basic hosting plans.

When we set up your account we will send you an email with instructions for connecting your site to Analytics.

If you are using WordPress then it’s as easy as installing our recommended plugin (or there are several others available) and filling in the analytics server address and the unique site ID which we will send to you. If you are not using WP then we will provide you with a little snippet of javascript to add to your site header which will do the same thing.

If you aren’t comfortable with doing that yourself then contact our support and we will be happy to do it for you.

We chose to sustainably host our own instances of Matomo because we believe that data privacy is important and that it offers a much more ethical solution to website analytics than any of most widely used analytics solutions, specifically Google Analytics.

If you really need to use Google Analytics

If you do want to use Google Analytics on your site, then there are many different ways to add their tracking codes. If you are using WordPress then our suggested method is to use a plugin called CAOS which hosts the tracking javascript locally on your site, and helps keep your site faster.

If you aren’t using WP then again you will need to insert the tracking code, which you will find on your Google Analytics dashboard, into the header of footer of your site.