Connect your domain to S4

For a domain name to be any use at all it needs to be pointed at DNS nameservers to be able to connect to mail and web servers.

You can use the nameservers at the registrar, or a third-party DNS service like Cloudflare or CloudDNS, but we strongly suggest that you use our own green hosted DNS network.

We will normally do this for you or talk you through it when we set up your hosting account, but it’s really very simple and the process is basically the same whichever domain registrar you used to buy the domain.

Log into the admin panel of the registrar and somewhere (normally somewhere pretty obvious) you will find the option to Change Nameservers.

You will need to delete whatever the existing values are and enter the following instead:


Impotant: Pay attention to the numbers in the names above, and notice that they are ns1, ns2, ns5, and ns6, and that there is no ns3 or ns4.

Once you have saved the changes then you will probably see a message telling you that you may need to wait 24 hours for your changes to propagate. In rare cases this might happen but normally your DNS propagation will actually be a lot faster than that.