We could start a data centre for our few clients, it would be massively expensive, ridiculously under-connected and not have much in the way of security, redundancy or anything else that decent hosting needs, so obviously we aren’t going to do that. Is it a possible future goal? Maybe, but it’s not for now.

Hosted in Helsinki

We choose to host in Helsinki because Finland is geopolitically stable, with no (or as low as possible) risk of natural disasters, #1 on the Fragile States Index, and was awarded Best In Digital Competitiveness in the EU 2019.

We use super fast cloud infrastructure provided by UpCloud at the amazing and super sustainable Telia Helsinki Data Centre.

Not only does this give you the peace of mind of knowing that your data is in a modern, secure, expertly run and highly connected data center but also that it is in one of the most modern, energy efficient and greenest data centers in Europe.

It is energy efficient and environmentally friendly by design, uses renewable and carbon-neutral electricity, mainly from hydropower and has a water cooling system that recovers generated heat to be used in the district heating network. It has attained LEED Data Center v4, CEEDA Design Gold, and ISO 14001 Certiļ¬cations.
You can read more about the Telia Data Center here.

Security and separation

We keep your websites and email apart on separate servers, and we limit the number of sites on any one server. That way we can optimise each server to be excellent and fast at doing what it needs to without worrying about everything else. We constantly monitor CPU, Ram and disk usage as well as I/O throughput and speeds, and if anything is getting too high or too slow then we will do something about it before problems can happen.

We keep DNS separate as well, which gets pushed out to a sustainable Anycast network, to give a faster DNS lookup time from anywhere on the planet.

Finally, as part of our system to keep your sites stable and always up whatever happens, we store both a local backup on our servers in Helsinki and send one a little further away. We keep a failover copy of all hosted sites, as well as a backup of all mail server data at the 100% renewable energy powered Interxion Data Center in Amsterdam, the largest internet hub in Europe.

All of our servers are connected by our own private network as well as the public internet, for faster data transfer and better security. We also have an efficient network level firewall to stop unwanted traffic and attacks.