From FRA to AMS

This is not a travel blog about an incredibly short flight (or even about a 4 hour drive). We’ve actually been moving data, not ourselves.

Up until now we have hosted backups at a data centre in Frankfurt, but this week we have migrated all of them to a new home at an Interxion data centre in Amsterdam.

Our reasons are simple… while the specific data centre we were using in Frankfurt was powered by renewable energy, the entire data centre park wasn’t. In Amsterdam the entire Interxion park is powered by certified renewable energy and the data centre also has a slightly better PUE.

In their own words:

We use 100% certified renewable energy and employ a phased modular architecture to optimise power usage effectiveness (PUE). We’re committed to the use of free cooling and ground water cooling, but never at the expense of reliability and availability.


Since Frankfurt and Amsterdam are two of the best connected internet hubs in Europe, speed, connectivity, etc. won’t be affected at all but our peace of mind about our sustainability will be just a little healthier 🙂

We are also hosting uptime monitoring and our new status page in Amsterdam to make sure that it will continue to stay up if any of our primary services in Helsinki are affected. You can read more about it in our blog post on changing our status page.

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