Road stretching to the horizon

Being Better – The state and future of S4

Over the last two years we’ve got a lot of things right but also plenty wrong. Looking forward there are a lot of improvements to make and new features that we want to build.

Map of Europe with DNS response times

We have (finally) built our new DNS system

It’s taken us longer than we ever planned we have finished building our own new sustainably hosted DNS network. It’s fast, efficient, and green and we are pretty pleased about it.

Debian logo

Why Debian is our post CentOS distro choice

Since the announcement that CentOS was changing, we have been thinking about our alternative options. This is why we are choosing to put our faith in and servers on Debian.

Map of Europe

From FRA to AMS

We”ve moved our backups from one sustainable data centre in Frankfurt to another sustainable data centre in Amsterdam. Here’s why…

The Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation aims to show whether each site on the internet is green or grey powered.

S4 Launches!

Why you should try S4 sustainable hosting. Some of the things we do, believe in and are passionate about, plus some of the things that we are not.