Man walking on oil pipeline

The Climate Strike License

The Climate Strike License, lets developers prohibit the use of their code by applications or companies that threaten to accelerate climate change through fossil fuel extraction.

Ethical Search Engines

Your default search engine finds everything you could possibly need to know, but you could choose one that saves the planet and protects your privacy too.

Magazine cover

Branch Magazine

Branch is a great online magazine “for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet for all.”

Terms of Service portrayed as meaningless blah text

Why and how to check ToS and policies

Nobody really reads the Terms of Service, Terms of Use, or Privacy Policy of all the online services they use. Here’s why you should and a useful tool to help.

The Great Hack

Why to watch The Great Hack

You should watch this documentary on the Cambridge Analytica scandal If you care at all about data privacy issues, or if you are blissfully ignorant of them.

Email symbol

Ethical G Suite alternatives

Why you might not want to use Google to provide your business email and a few of our favourite ethical alternatives.

The Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation aims to show whether each site on the internet is green or grey powered.

Contract for the Web

We have signed the Contract for the Web and made a commitment to doing what we can to shape a healthy future for the web. Have you?