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Ethical G Suite alternatives

Why you might not want to use Google to provide your business email and a few of our favourite ethical alternatives.

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Why we disable TLS 1.0 & 1.1

Why we disable older versions of TLS on our servers, even if internet giants like Facebook and Google don’t.

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From FRA to AMS

We”ve moved our backups from one sustainable data centre in Frankfurt to another sustainable data centre in Amsterdam. Here’s why…

Changing Status (page)

Our status page and uptime monitoring were goodish. Now, we’ve built a fantastic new one, sustainably hosted by us and based on open source software.

The Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation aims to show whether each site on the internet is green or grey powered.

WP Plugins – Easy WP SMTP

Easy WP SMTP is one of the WordPress plugins we install by deafult. Read why you need a mail plugin and why this is our favourite.

Contract for the Web

We have signed the Contract for the Web and made a commitment to doing what we can to shape a healthy future for the web. Have you?

A Better WP Cron

What cron is, why WordPress cron is far from great, how we make it better and how you can do the same yourself.

Why you need a password manager

If you can remember all of your passwords then they aren’t unique, complicated or varied enough. Use a password manager and do something about it.