is Sustainable, Speedy, Secure and Stable

We’d like to make the internet just a little bit better with every site we host. We believe in ethical and affordable web and mail hosting, and we make it easy with human setup, monitoring & backups, plus managed WordPress & WooCommerce.


The internet is a carbon monster, with a higher energy footprint than the air travel industry, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

From 100% Renewable energy, optimised servers, and smart partnerships to planting a forest.

We are proud of, and willing to make big claims about, our ethical and sustainability credentials!

100% Renewable Energy

Ethical Partnerships

Green Projects

Experts in &

  • Free WP & Woo migration
  • Pre-installed and optimised
  • LiteSpeed caching
  • Safe managed updates


You want your website to open in the blink of an eye, and so do we. We really care about website speed!

We use a highly optimised stack, Litespeed Enterprise, Maria DB, and the latest PHP versions. Then we add Redis & LS caching, Brotli, QUIC, free SSL and our fast green DNS network.

Everything you need for speed and nothing you don’t!

LiteSpeed Enterprise


Faster than SSD storage

Mail Matters!

  • Private and secure
  • 10 Free mailboxes
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Roundcube webmail


We won’t lie to you, 100% security is a myth, no online security is absolute. If some of the biggest and most high tech companies in the world can’t always be bulletproof then neither can you. 

Just in case something does go wrong we have constant monitoring and three separate levels of backups to make sure that we can work with you to fix any issue as quickly as possible.

Network level Firewall



We can also…

… help you with design, content, search engine optimisation, speedup. Just get in touch to let us know what you need and we can give you a quote.

We believe that the web should be for everyone, so if you are a non-profit organisation on a tiny budget but want to be online, talk to us and we will see how we can help.


There is no use in having the fastest and shiniest website in the world if you can’t be sure that it is going to be up all of the time!

Sometimes technology breaks, the internet and every server on it are full of possible points of failure. We want to make sure that your sites stay up whatever is going on with all of them.

Backups; Monitoring; Failover; Redundancy – all words we love!

24/7 Monitoring

DNS Failover

Multi-level Backups